During my daily commute I was often bored. Until I took a pen to the toilet on the train and started drawing on the toilet paper. I've made over 200 drawings and shared them on social media.

You can find more of these on my instagram page.


I hung information signs in tourist areas. The signs told stories that never happened in places that could have been more interesting if they had.

You can find more of them here.


A completely made up walking tour through the city centre of Brussels.

Everything the guide will tell you is utter bullshit. Don't believe a word he says. Seriously.
You will get no accurate information whatsoever on the city of Brussels. But you will have a lot of fun!

You can find more  information or book a tour here.



 In 2015 Belgian radio channel MNM asked me to do an item on 2000's nostalgia.
A video series was made of the radio item reaching over 2 million viewers.