Hello, I am Kamiel

I develop TV shows, I create silly things on the internet and I lie to tourists.
I really do.

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About me

I am a 27 year old semi-professional idiot obsessed with original ideas.

Currently working as a TV format developer for Belgium's public broadcaster (VRT) and as a freelance creative consultant.

My past works have been awarded with an Emmy Award, a Rose D'Or and countless kisses from my mom.

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Sorry About That

Since 2014
Creator, writer & consultant.

TV format. Hidden camera game show in which an unsuspecting member of the public is secretly recorded for a complete month. After 30 days the contestant gets the reveal of a lifetime in a surprise game show. Winner of an International Emmy Award & Rose D'Or.

Licensed in: Belgium, The Netherlands, Abu Dhabi, Germany.


Ceci n'est pas Bruxelles

Since 2017
Creator & Tour Guide

Completely made up walking tour trough the city centre of Europe's capital: Brussels. Everything the guide tells is utter nonsense. Available to book privately or through AirBnB experiences.


Fake It Till You Make It


I wrote a book! A book called 'Fake It Till You Make It'. It's a guide to extreme succes for extremely lazy people.

Release: April 2019, Van Halewyck Publishing.



De Overname

Editor, Director & All-round creative

At age 16 I joined a group of 25 youngsters who were challenged by Belgium's public broadcaster VRT to take over the broadcaster. During summer break we produced 3 TV-shows and over 40 hours of radio.


Café Corsari

2012 - 2013

Café Corsari was a daily talkshow on 'Eén'. I worked on the show as an intern and later as a researcher/writer and online editor.



2015 - 2016

Street art project: fake tourist information signs telling stories that never happened in places that could have been more interesting if they had.


Brother of Kevin De Bruyne


In 2018 for the TV-show Van Gils & Gasten I tried to convince the world that I was the brother of football player Kevin De Bruyne. Armed with photoshopped pictures, fake websites and business cards we convinced fans and even Manchester City employees that I was related to Kevin De Bruyne. We got free tickets, free shirts, free upgrades.


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